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  • The company is engaged in manufacturing of a wide range of specialty performance based Oil-Field Chemicals
  • Manufacturing plant is located in the state of Gujarat in the Western India.
  • The Core Competency of the company lies in the production of the powdered products based on Humic Acids and the Lubricants which find applications in imparting the following properties to the water based drilling fluids
  • Filtration-loss control in High temperature and high pressure conditions,
    1. Dispersion
    2. Shale stability
    3. Stuck pipe releasing
    4. Rheology corrections
    5. Various others
  • HMISL has since long regarded as a reliable supplier of the above products by many reputed Oil Exploration and producing companies in India, Africa and Middle East Countries with 75%production being exported.

The Company is in the process to set up Cellulose Ethers Plant at DAHEJ SEZ. which will cater into Oil-Drilling, Food-Processing, Detergent, Paper, Textiles, Dyeing, Ceramics, Construction, Paint, Pharma, Cosmetics, etc"

The Promoters
The Indian Promoters are the reputed and progressive group of companies engaged in chemicals and various other diverse fields.
M-I SWACO, the overseas partner, on the other hand is a worldwide company representing a broad array of businesses involved in Drilling, reservoir drill-in and completion fluids and services for the petroleum industry; solids-control equipment and drilling waste management equipment and services; and separation and screening products and services for the municipal and industrial markets.

The company is in the process of development and shortly envisaging introduction of a range of versatile and quality products such as Viscosifiers, Emulsifiers, Surfactants and Specific purpose lubricants.